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Gambling game called agen bola online is very popular nowadays . they even adapt Anime Swords, that is to say replica swords based on popular Japanese Anime, are extremely popular and a very common way that many collectors get started collecting swords.

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Unfortunately, many collectors who get started this way often have no idea what they are actually buying – which is not only dangerous, but also can often result in a waste of time and money..

In this section of Sword Buyers Guide, we will be looking at how to buy Anime Swords for the best price, get a good idea of what you actually get for your money, and take a broader look at their place within the sword industry judi poker.

So let’s get started..!

Construction of Katana Anime Swords
Anime Swords for sale on the internet are, almost without exception classed as “decorative wallhanger” swords. That is to say, they are not designed to actually be used for test cutting or even dry handling (read, swinging in the air) but only for Cosplay and decorative purposes.

There are many reasons why, for the most part, while they may look like a sword, they are not a real sword – though surprisingly, unlike most other decorative swords on the market, the vast majority are NOT actually made judi online from stainless steel, but instead untempered carbon steel..

The problem with untempered steel is that it does not flex or have the necessary properties of a real sword as is demonstrated very clearly in the video below:


Now obviously, not all Anime swords are as long and thin as this one – the thicker ones, such as those we will review shortly, are sometimes surprisingly durable..

But at the end of the day, just about all the anime swords for sale currently on the market are cheaply made, purely decorative replica anime swords.


The reason is quite simple – the Japanese parent companies who own the rights to the swords do not wish to license functional replicas, so the swords on the market are all unauthorized copies factory made in China at the lowest possible price.

Indeed, in the past, the Japanese parent companies have actually taken legal action against US based sellers who listed Anime swords for sale on their websites, so that these days you will often find the replicas are rather ambiguously named to skirt a second round of legal action.

Personally, I think it is a shame – as it really does limit the market for anime swords to the lowest common denominator as far as quality goes. BUT, that said, some of the swords are, whether more by accident than design, have actually ended up being borderline functional – and in our hands on reviews we will take a look at them from the perspective of two experienced sword collectors so before you buy anime swords, you will at least have a good idea of what to expect.